As “Live on the Levee” wraps up for the summer and the kids are back in school, things may be calming down in Charleston, but, by NO means it is going to be a boring September! In the East End of town, the Red Carpet Lounge will be hosting a Bluegrass and Mountain Music event at its outdoor concert venue. “Boyz II Men” performs at the Clay Center, and the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center (the CC&CC) will be the location for a two day “American Pickleball Tour”.

Outdoor dining is still a pleasure and the late summer breeze blowing off the Kanawha River makes “goofing off downtown” so enjoyable! OktoberWest in Elk City will be a super-fun Saturday on the 24th. Last year’s craft beer festival set a huge attendance record and this year is expected to be even bigger.

“Three Things: My First, My Favorite, My Future” is a popular event usually held at the John L. Dickinson Family Homeowner Education & Community Center at

815 Court St. Three unique, creative thinkers share their insights into their individual professions. There is one episode per month, February through October. Tickets are $10, although a package is available at the beginning when you can buy tickets for all 9 episodes for the price of 7. It is normally the third Wednesday of each month.

If you haven’t checked out the Visit Charleston WV app, you are really missing out on a simple way to discover the events and places to visit and dine. This would be the perfect time to download it! You can search various attractions and categories like Family Fun, Fine Dining, or Spectator Sports.

Lonely Planet named West Virginia a “Top Region to Visit in 2022” and recently featured Charleston with a “Get a Taste of Appalachia with 24 Hours in Charleston, WV” article on its website. 

IT’S A GOOD TIME TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!  Enjoy the beauty of September in Charleston!