Ever had one of those sleepless nights when the pillow was just not “working” for you? Or, forced your way through the same night when the mattress left a lot to be desired? It’s that same old story of THE THREE BEARS! One is too HOT, one is too COLD, and finally the third is JUST RIGHT!  The same can be said for the place you call “YOUR CHAIR”!

Most of us have that singular spot at home where we spend most of our time at the end of the day. And, even the spot designated to us in our workspace. The Chair! Most will also submit to the features and function of that chair as long as it’s in the right location! Sacrificing the fit, the benefits, and the needs that this IMPORTANT piece should offer is a sure way to create a less than satisfactory experience. Why not consider these attributes for the seat where we read, watch TV, knit, visit with family, and even nap?

Price, color, and style are the obvious considerations. Moreover, we strongly suggest that while these are important to the look the chair presents in the design of the space, other (perhaps more important) questions should NEVER be forgotten! Here’s a few to think about!

Location is one thing we probably most often leave off the list. For example, if you are leaning to a chair that requires electricity, is the desired location in the room going to allow for the cord to run to an outlet and is there an outlet? Cords running across the floor may easily create a hazard and obviously are NOT attractive. Another consideration with electrically operated pieces that is almost always missed is the operation of the chair when there is no power. Getting “stuck” in recline mode can become an interesting challenge when you cannot upright the back.

Location is also important to make sure the chair “faces the TV” for many. Consideration of how much space a fully extended recline requires might save you from disappointment when the chair hits another piece of furniture or extends into a main path for traffic. Often people purchase the reclining sofa (for example) only to discover that the coffee table is now in the way. The function of a piece is definitely part of any good location decision.

So, let’s consider function in our determination of finding that perfect chair! How do YOU need this “home at home” to work? Think about these when searching for your next chair!

Is stationary or swivel the best idea? Swivels allow for ease of movement to be a part of the activity in just about any part of a room. However, are swivels going to turn into a table and/or lamp sitting next to them? Would the movement or function create a risk for somebody needing the arm support when climbing out? Motion of furniture can be a wonderful asset as long as is well thought out!

Function of a reclining piece is perhaps the most popular trend in upholstered goods these days. Again, what functions are important and will they serve as more benefits than issues?

If a handle is the tool for operation, is it inside the arm or outside? Is it where the benefit will be in reach of the user? If a handle, is it easy to operate when an older person may be the one most using the chair? If it doesn’t work well, the other considerations such as fabric, color, and style will suddenly not be enough to create a long-term happy experience! Finally, on function, today’s tech features are a real bonus. Keep in mind that chargers, docking stations, storage and more are available just about everywhere you look!

And then let’s consider those more obvious decisions. Price will often determine the number of features and benefits available in a chair. We strongly suggest that when possible, spending a little more will not only assure quality but also a chair that will serve the owner for a much longer period. If the chair ends up not meeting the needs, it will end up being replaced or (at the very least) leave us with a less than satisfactory experience about the chair and the purchase.

The good news is this! You can find a chair that will work well for you in just about any color, pattern, or style so it should always complement the existing space. Think about how the color and pattern will impact the “shelf life” of the chair! Is the current trend of color and florals going to last a while? How often to you want to replace the piece will certainly be relevant in those decisions. Also, keep in mind that leather can often be impacted by medicines that may come out of hair follicles, fabrics have a range of care instructions so that some may meet clean-ability needs better, and both may add or detract to the experience.

Avoid making costly mistakes by thinking about these ideas when you shop!