The furniture is in place to function well and make a statement and balance the space with the wall color, window treatments, rugs, and case-goods. The style, colors, and patterns all speak to the people who reside in this home and let others know a little about who they are. Now it’s those finishing details that will truly personalize and define more clearly those who live in this wonderful, comfortable, home environment.

One of the biggest trends for 2018 is the use of “COLLAGE”. Excited to see that trend is becoming more and more popular, we at COOPORRIS18 are huge fans of bringing elements into any project that reflect on the client. Art from trips or local talent, photographs from past events and experiences, and pieces that tell about our hobbies and interests can all come together in COLLAGE.

The bonus is that we can also fill a space with more interest! Rather than a simple store-bought piece, we can take this opportunity to show who we are not only with content but also with the design and style of our collage. Big & Bold, random, and even the very organized collage will let others know about you. The use of same size & style frames, for example, may let guests know that you are a more organized soul. Random frames, content, color, will usually create a more casual experience for the eye.

In one complete space design, we deveoped the space around it’s use to accommodate a workspace for the daughter, a ping-pong table, and conversation areas allow one for TV and gaming by the son. This COLLAGE further reflects the family atmosphere with random spacing and color in pictures that bring great memories and conversation!

In my own home office, I love the COLLAGE idea! When I need to “slow the brain down”, I simply sit back and take in art, photos, and other pieces that make me smile and relax for a few moments. Constantly changing, this has been a VALUABLE idea!

Another idea that involves the COLLAGE tool, multiple mirrors in a Bath is a great way to break up the monotony of the everyday mirror over the sink. Again, this

idea in my own home has not only been a point of interest but also a great way to repurpose old mirrors collected over time. Check out this example!

Speaking of collections, one of my favorites is a cool wall we did using BEETLES albums collected by the Mrs. of the house from childhood! A great conversation starter, we developed this COLLAGE around the TV center on the focal wall of the great room!

In one local business favorites, we added sepiea-tone canvas wraps in various sizes. The content demonstrates the experience others have had and set up the attitude of a fun visit ahead for those attending their first class!

Don’t forget the idea of building a COLLAGE with wall shelves and stacks over the sofa! And, always direct the flow of traffic (and the eye) on the staircase!

Send us your COLLAGE efforts to our FACEBOOOK or HOUZZ PAGE!

Have a great time and love every moment as you use these ideas to help create the HEART OF YOUR HOME!

Make your home a Great Place to Live!