January is named for Janus, the god of doorways, openings, and new beginnings in Roman mythology. In January, everyone equally is afforded the opportunity to start fresh, to begin again. Wiping one’s slate clean isn’t confined to the first month of each New Year, but more resolutions are made then than any other time. A recent poll indicates the top four New Year’s Resolutions involve losing weight, exercising more, eating a more healthy diet, and taking a more active approach to health.   

If you have made a similar resolution, what is the number one, tried and true, cardinal rule when embarking on a new diet plan? ‘Seek a physician’s advice before beginning any weight loss plan.’ Physicians Weight Loss Centers, like the name indicates, provide physician directed weight loss plans. The first step is a free consultation, where you are weighed and your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is calculated. Your lifestyle is discussed at length so the program you follow is tailored to your personal needs, activity levels, and goals. The professional staff consists of a physician, a nurse, and counselors, all trained to screen and monitor behavior management. Medications you are on are taken into consideration in developing the best plan for your weight loss goals.       

Physician’s Weight Loss Centers believes professional supervision, support, and proper nutrition lead to effective weight loss. There are online and in-center programs, both providing all the tools necessary for positive results. Six weight loss program choices guarantee an individualized approach toward your needs and goals. The programs are physician approved and dietician designed, ensuring the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. The six programs are:

The VLCD 700: is a very low calorie program adapted from the original Physicians Weight Loss Centers Ketogenic diet. Low in carbohydrates and high in protein, this accelerated weight loss plan provide three pounds or more of weight loss a week, as your body burns off its own fat reserves and create high energy levels.

Thermogenic LCD 1000: a low-calorie program using the advanced concept of thermogenesis. Carefully selected foods and supplements contain both appetite suppressing and fat burning ingredients. The variety of food choices offer more meal flexibility.

PhysiciansFAST MRP: is a low-carb, high-protein meal replacement program. Specially formulated shakes, puddings, soups and bar supplements provide variety as well as structure, while focusing on calorie and portion control.

Low Fat High Energy 900: is the ideal choice for anyone desiring food choices centered around the most nutritionally balanced selections with reduced calories to maximize weight loss.

Low Fat High Energy 1000: the choice for steady, effective weight loss, this low fat and low calorie diet allows more flexibility in meal planning.

Low Fat High Energy 1500: designed to support a physically active lifestyle, this option offers the widest array of meal choices.

All the Physicians Weight Loss Centers Low Fat High Energy programs adhere to the guidelines for a healthy diet recommended by the American Heart Association, the US Department of Agriculture, and the American Cancer Society.

Physicians Weight Loss Centers also offer vitamin supplements via sublingual pills or injections. These FDA approved ‘vitamin cocktails’ are formulated to increase energy while decreasing stress levels.

Newly available are AM PM Weight Loss Patches. The 24-hour patch system’s fat burning and appetite suppressant properties are formulated to work with your body’s natural rhythms to support maximum weight loss.  The AM Patch helps promote weight loss by targeting fat burning, increasing energy and enhancing metabolism while keeping hunger at bay all day long. The PM Patch helps promote weight loss with ingredients that focus on evening appetite suppression, reducing cravings and snacking, and helping you wind down to rest. As you sleep, special ingredients support continued fat burning and metabolism throughout the night.

With over 38 years of promoting healthier lifestyles through proper weight management, over one and a half million Physicians Weight Loss Centers clients have reached their weight goals. Make it your New Year’s resolution to schedule a free consultation.     

In two convenient locations, Kanawha City and Barboursville Physicians Weigh Loss Centers are open Monday, Wednesday  and Friday from 9:00am until 6:00pm, and Tuesdays and  Thursdays from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Call the Kanawha City location at 304-925-4919, or Barboursville at 304-302-0292 to schedule a free consultation.