Exhausted from what seems to be the busiest time of the year, it’s been a challenge to find time to even consider the plans for the upcoming year. How will making your HOME a Great Place to Live fit in?

As I continue to follow many of the colleagues in the field of Interior Design, I notice that while many common themes and ideas are in place for what we can expect in 2018, there are also distinguishing differences! Ours, basically a subjective path, also must follow some hard and fast rules to make sure our creativity plays out well in the “REAL WORLD”! Let’s take a look at some trends you can expect to see in the upcoming year!

Immediately catching my attention from several sources is the idea of filling walls with groupings! Photographs come to mind but one of my favorites is a home where we took framed Beatles albums and filled a focal point wall surrounding the television with the memories of the lady of the house! Her collection over her lifetime now creates wonderful conversation when guests spend time in the home!

Another exciting trend to watch is the continued move toward mixed metals! The days, although still comfortable to most, of using a strict metal element are soon to be a thing of the past. In a current project, we branched out of the “norm” and are mixing polished nickel with brushed nickel throughout the space in a (perhaps safe) move in this direction!

Spa inspired baths will continue to evolve and I believe the idea of garden tubs will likely die completely in 2018 if the fatality has not already occurred. The move to comfortable and spacious walk-in showers with multiple shower head and benches is the way to go! And they don’t take hours to fill!

As far as pattern is concerned, I am seeing opinions that run the entire range. Some are calling for more florals and some seem to think that chevrons are now overdone. Here’s the answer for me. When working with clients it is critical that we find out what they are drawn to with pattern and work from there. It’s their home so we MUST ensure the beautiful and comfortable environment meets the client expectations. No sense in pushing personal preferences when the goal is to make this space tell the story of the residents!

A final trend that I will be watching in 2018 is the balanced use of color and texture! Carefully planned and executed, these elements can correctly make the space impressive and inviting. Overbearing use of color or texture will likely cause the eye to miss the overall attempt to create that perfect space!

On a final note, take some time immediately to think about what’s working and what is not! Start with this list to prioritize your home fashion for 2018!