I recently ran across an article from 2013 that made me stop for a few minutes. I have often said that trends in home design are just like clothing. Wait around long enough and you will see the things come around again. Colors, styles, patterns, and hot space ideas are always a dictator in the “current” home as well. I wanted to share some of the article and my thoughts from 2017!


Here goes…

“Society is changing and its “movements” have collateral effects on all aspects of life as we know it. In developed countries, men are known to spend a lot more time at home than in the past, helping out with children and housework, as a result of the proclaimed men-women equality. In 2013, interior design will thus begin to mirror male preferences like never before.”

As predicted at that time, men have become a much more present part of home life. Working from home is more common than ever and many more are sharing the “stay at home” duties as well. And when the dominate husband shows greater interest in the home furnishings, the look almost always takes on a more “masculine” look. At the very least many have replaced that recliner in front of the TV with a man-cave to expand his comfort space. And never forget the importance of Function in today’s world. Furniture is a multi-tasker that can now do almost everything for the male head of household! That and comfort are key!

“Hand sketching and wall writing will be more and more popular this year, as graphic artists will start collaborating with interior designers in creating original wall imprints. Imagine your favorite message elegantly written in the hallway or various letters adorning the ceiling.”

While this prediction also took hold and still is often seen today, the peak of the trend has begun to wane. So many new ideas out there that eventually we have to make room for new things by letting go of the old. For example, chalk paint in the last few years has been all the rage! Have you experimented with this technique?

“Green living will be a key factor in design and architecture this year. From mobile plant panels to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this idea can bring a fresh touch to any apartment or public space. This approach is not only healthy, but also original and elegant. The advantages of having such a green wall? Air cleaning, humidification, evaporation of the air and appreciations from visitors. And here are 30 incredible garden rooftop ideas for further inspiration.”

Yes, this one is also a trend forecasted that is still a part of many home environments today. (pic of green space wall) Not only is there a seemingly endless of products and services that can create a “GREEN” home from the time it’s built but for the existing structure there are alternatives that can ensure the best for your outdoor environment.

Green is seen more and more in terms of unique plantings to create and artful and healthy point of view in all situations. Only limited to your creativity!

“If people did not pay much attention in the past to how a furniture object feels when touching its surface, this is probably since functionality used to be the main sought-after characteristic in a household item. Now things are much different. People are in search for “touchable” textures, which inspire warmth and comfort to engage and experience a proper home atmosphere. Suede and wood are two of the materials which will define the interior design world in 2013. Variety of texture will also be a key factor in arranging spaces.”

I love to hand people several fabrics of different colors and textures. You can tell almost immediately by their reaction if touch or sight is most important. It is very true that texture has become much more important in a personal way in all home design. Even the dog bed needs to become a great escape where Fido can relax for his regular nap schedule. And don’t limit texture to fabrics! Rooms that offer a mix of straight and curved lines it’s movement are usually the most comfortable. You will notice family and friends are more at ease in the great room with its soft and more loosely constructed elements. While this area can be very sophisticated in presentation, it will always win over the Formal Living Room. In fact, that is likely one reason we see fewer Formal spaces in homes.

If you get a chance, you might enjoy the article that motivated me from freshome.com as well!

You can get there on line https://goo.gl/p7WJue

By Lavinia January 29, 2013