Ferguson Enterprises

    Tucked away on Spring Street in Charleston is one of the Kanawha Valley’s premier destination locations for quality home fixtures and appliances. Open to the general public, as well as contractors and designers, Ferguson Enterprises specializes in lighting, plumbing, and appliances.   

    A ten thousand square foot showroom allows customers to see, feel and experience potential purchases. After all, wouldn’t you rather sit in a bathtub and know it fits, instead of ordering a tub and finding out after installation that it’s a tad too short for the tallest person in your home? Not limited to bath fixtures, they also showcase everything in kitchen appliances, including the kitchen sink!

    With no detail too small, Ferguson Enterprises can also provide guidance in selecting from an assortment of sink faucets. Considering an array of options like deck mount, bridge, wall mount, gooseneck, and even ADA compliant faucets, their experienced staff guide buyers in the choice that fits the home owner’s needs as well as the esthetic preference.

    Today’s homeowner isn’t limited to kitchen appliances in only the kitchen. There are multiple applications, such as outdoor kitchens, which require finishes and durability to withstand the elements. Many homeowners include a coffee bar adjacent to master bathrooms. Wine refrigerators are frequently found in kitchens, but just as often in bedrooms or other areas of the home.   

    Master bathrooms and kitchens are among the strongest selling points for homes on the market. In addition to coffee bars, master baths amenities can include anything from towel warmers to custom showers. Bathtubs have come a long way from grandmother’s claw foot tub. Ferguson Enterprises can install corner tubs, free-standing tubs, soaking tubs, and whirlpool baths.

    Also available are bathtubs that play to the senses. Choose a tub with aromatherapy and relax to various calming scents, or select scents that invigorate the mind. The possibilities are practically endless. Chromatherapy, or colored light therapy, allows you to soak in your favorite colors, or enjoy a varied light show. Tubs with acoustic options bring the rhythms of your smart device music to the bathwaters.

For a bathroom with a high-tech touch, let Ferguson Enterprises add a mirror to your master bath that doubles as a television screen. See yourself, and the news/sports/movie of your choice too!

    Indoor lighting has long been known to provide ambiance, as well as task illumination. Accent lighting plays up featured areas, such as sculpture, art or plants. The. The possibilities, while seeming vast and possibly daunting, can be tailored to your needs with the assistance of the experienced staff of Ferguson Enterprises who can assist you in selecting the appropriate combination of all three. Choose from pendants, wall sconces, track lights, under-cabinet, recessed, and chandeliers, in styles from the modern to the traditional.

    Lighting for the exterior of a home provides additional safety, as well as increasing the curb appeal. Wall, ceiling or hanging lights add a welcoming touch to the entrance to your home. Lights for garage, patio, or side entrances can be set on motion sensors or dimmers. Ferguson’s staff can direct you in the selection of the appropriate sized fixture suited to your entryway space. A multitude of styles are available to enhance your home.

    For the decidedly less glamourous, but infinitely necessary functions of your home, Ferguson Enterprises still is the premier choice for homeowners. No strangers to plumbing and HVAC, they offer a wide range of products for your specific needs.

Contact Ferguson Enterprises by calling 304-342-9095,

on the web at www.ferguson.com, or visit their showroom wwwat 160 Spring Street in Charleston.