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    If you have ever had a bad experience with a contractor, you may be reluctant to embark on another project. There are so many things to consider – cost, materials, and time frame. A sure-fire way to develop construction headaches, tension and even anger is to employ a contractor who listens, but doesn’t really hear what you are saying.

    G & R Contracting takes pride in listening to their client’s needs. They believe their most effective tools for the job are their ears. By understanding the desires of the client before the first nail is driven, paint can opened, or ladder deployed, G & R Contracting is on the path to their main goal – customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is the number one route to selecting a contractor. Their customers will tell you G & R Contracting listens and delivers.

    Ray Hartzell and his experienced crew contract work on both residential and commercial structures. This includes structural and foundation repair, including retrofits due to wall damage. Installation of basement drains and joist repair are but a few of the tasks the G & R Contracting crews are highly experienced in performing. They also install metal roofing, as well as make repairs to standard roofs.

    Patching, painting, and trim work on interiors can quickly and easily transform drab and dated interiors into fresh, bright spaces. They are specialists in installing tile, and remodeling kitchens and baths. Summer is coming, and if you are thinking of a new deck, G & R Contracting can deliver a custom deck to expand the entertaining space as well as enhance the look, and value, of your home.

    Need additional space inside your home? G & R Contracting can build room additions that seamlessly blend into the existing style of your home. A trend among home owners is opening up existing rooms to create a more open floor plan. They can transform your existing space into a more practical, usable, and open space.

    Another service G & R Contracting provides is contracting with landlords and property managers to repair and refurbish rental units when vacant. True to their standards of honesty and integrity, they provide reliable, dependable service. This allows property owners to be assured of consistent, and timely, quality work.

    If you have had thoughts of buying a house to flip, but are unsure what work should be undertaken, G & R Contracting’s experience is invaluable. They will provide guidance through a process that they have successfully recreated time and again.    

    When the contractor’s goals line up with your goals, great results are achieved. G & R Contracting prides themselves on being on budget, on time, and to completing the job according to the desired specifications of their clients. They are always available to discuss the project and the job progress, so you can feel secure the work is performed as agreed upon.

    A frequently heard complaint from anyone having work crews on-site is the mess that is often left behind. G & R Contracting takes pride in the removal of any scrap materials for their job sites. Additionally, they are prompt, courteous, and professional.

    Located in the Kanawha Valley, G & R Contracting works primarily in Kanawha and Putnam counties. Licensed and insured, they will be happy to provide a free estimate for any job you have in mind.

    G & R Contracting not only believes in building structures, but in building relationships. They are home improvement specialists. Put their experience to work for you!

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