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Can I still install new windows in the winter?

YES you can.   There is always a season for everything. Although it’s more practical to install windows when the temperatures are most amenable, there are some advantages to an off-season installation.

  1. It may be easier to schedule a contractor—window installers are a lot less likely to be booked up in the summer and winter.
  2. Pricing – window manufacturers tend to offer some good deals during there slowest months.
  3. Why be miserable through another winter when the temperature drops and energy-efficient windows become more of a concern.

What To Do If You Install in the winter

If your window is broken or cracked, you can’t exactly wait around until spring has sprung to put in a new one. If that’s the case in your home, all is not lost just take a few of these precautions and all is good.

First, have your contractor come on a sunnier, warmer day during the winter if possible. Schedule the job for mid-morning—this will give the materials a chance to warm up and expand. Always make sure your contractor applies silicone-based caulk around the window instead of latex or acrylic. Not only will it more readily adhere to the window in colder temperatures, it’s also better at waterproofing and weatherization —which will make your heating and cooling work more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills, too.

If you do your replacement in the dead of winter, have the contractor work on one window at a time to keep your home from becoming an icebox. And close off interior doors that lead to the room—that way, you can limit the effects to just one part of your home and keep the rest of your home nice and toasty.

So if your tired of having those heating bills soar during the winter stop losing money and get those windows replaced.  If you can hold your hand up to the existing window glass and feel extreme cold temperatures or even cold air through them its time to replace.  Don’t lose any more money by letting your heat go right through those old windows during this frigid winter season.  Call today and schedule an appointment for a free estimate.   Go find somewhere warm and let our contractors install new windows before you get frost bitten.

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