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If you talk to just about anyone who has built or remodeled any type of home, store, or office building, the most commonly heard complaint is lack of professionalism by contractors and workmen. The homeowner or business owner hires someone to perform certain jobs, and that is the last time they see them. Or perhaps they see them for a few days, but never return, leaving the job incomplete. The home or business owner is left holding the bag, while their down payment check has been cashed by the long-gone workmen.

Admittedly, it is difficult to find anyone reliable when you don’t have personal knowledge or trustworthy referral information. Building and Remodeling Warehouse in Nitro, West Virginia, specializes in finding you a solution. So much so their company motto is “No contractor – no problem!”

Building and Remodeling Warehouse allows a nervous home or business owner to rest easy. They will make recommendations for either proven contractors or workmen, or assist you with their experienced in-house installation crew, based on the type of work that needs to be done. They stand by their recommendations and can assure of quality work done in a professional, timely manner.

Here are the five W’s – who, why, what, when, and where – that any knowledgeable contractor or DIY homeowner should know the answers to when choosing a supply company.

Who should use Business and Remodeling Warehouse? Any do-it-yourself home or business owner, or professional contractor who wants the largest selection and best service. Their client base is about a 50/50 mix of professionals and DIY’ers. Business and Remodeling Warehouse is experienced in providing products and services for the specific needs of each.

Why should you select Business and Remodeling Warehouse? Unlike box stores, Business and Remodeling Warehouse considers themselves to be a true specialty shop. They carry some of the best product lines in the industry, including several West Virginia based companies. In addition, their variety is far greater than a box store. For example, if you need new gutters, the box store might carry white and tan. But Business and Remodeling Warehouse carries a wide range of colors for your needs. You aren’t stuck picking from the small choices, but rather have a wide range of choices.

What services do they offer? The trained and experienced staff at Business and Remodeling Warehouse go far beyond their competitor’s efforts in order to satisfy their customers. They assess your plans or blueprints, and even visit your location to ensure the measurements are exact to your specifications. No guess work. They employ intent of the old adage ‘measure twice, cut once’. And they do it in person, no haphazard guess work or overestimations.

When would you need Business and Remodeling Warehouse? You can call on their expertise for any job, large or small. Do you want to think you know what you need to do a job? Or do you want to be certain? Business and Remodeling Warehouse is the go-to destination for anyone needing decking, doors, flooring, gutter systems, indoor and outdoor trim, kitchen cabinets, railings, roofing, siding, stone, tools, replacement windows and more.

Where are they located and what areas do they serve?  Business and Remodeling Warehouse services the following locations: Charleston, Cross Lanes, St. Albans, Nitro, Teays Valley, Milton, Alum Creek, Madison, Hamlin, Logan, Fayetteville, Oak Hill, Beckley, Clendenin, Sutton, Spencer, Sissonville, Ripley, Winfield, Point Pleasant, and many more areas in West Virginia. Their showroom is at 300 First Avenue in Nitro, West Virginia directly across from Town and Country Bowling Lanes. They offer a beautiful showroom and a 30,000 square foot where you can see and touch all the product lines they offer.

Business and Remodeling Warehouse doesn’t have a few employees with a couple of years of experience. They have a trained and experienced staff with nearly two hundred years of combined experience. Their staff can and will do blue print take-offs, give free estimates, assist in measuring your jobs, and explain products features and benefits.

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