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6 Reasons to hire and interior Designer

6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer Many imagine the idea of having the assistance of an Interior Designer as a luxury that is limited to the wealthy but the truth is that many in today’s world are realizing that this decision is not only affordable but one of the smartest moves they make when working on a space or spaces in the home. Here are 6 of the most popular 1 If a survey of clients were polled by any designer, the number one response to the best reason for adding the Interior Designer is SAVING MONEY! Many of...

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White for the holidays! Or, is it?

It’s the time of year when we are hopefully ready to put to the test our work over the past several months! Renovations completed, updates made, and functional furnishings should be ready to welcome those who will be in our home over the next few weeks! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all are opportunities for us to show off the effort of the last year to make our HOME a Great Place to Live! And, while the primary goal should always be for the HOME to be the perfect space for those who live within on a daily...

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Design Trends Change as Does the Weather

I recently ran across an article from 2013 that made me stop for a few minutes. I have often said that trends in home design are just like clothing. Wait around long enough and you will see the things come around again. Colors, styles, patterns, and hot space ideas are always a dictator in the “current” home as well. I wanted to share some of the article and my thoughts from 2017!   Here goes… “Society is changing and its “movements” have collateral effects on all aspects of life as we know it. In developed countries, men are known...

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A Home for Everyone

Great design often is a success when the more obvious elements are in place. Well balanced colors, styles, and layouts are a MUST in every situation. But to make the home a Great Place to Live, consideration of function and needs of the residents is just as important! Let’s take a look at a challenge recently taken by Cooporris18 when they were offered the opportunity to redeem a sadly cared for house in Huntington, WV.  There were obvious elements that had to be in place such as colors, seating requirements, and accents to bring to life the new home for...

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When it’s HOT, It’s HOT!

As we all become acclimated to the heat of summer and the peak we usually reach in AUGUST, one can only find cool ways to make the inside retreat from the sun a most exhilarating experience. HOT DESIGN PRINCIPLES are a must no matter what time of year and now is a good time to review! While the art of Interior Design is generally considered to be a subjective concept, there are certain written and unwritten rules that must always be considered. To begin, a good understanding of what INTERIOR DESIGN actual is should be clear. I like the way...

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Freedom 0f Expression Thru Great Design

A great definition of who we are and how we live is reflected in the home environment. There are many factors that show our lives in terms of “HOME”. From design style to textures, from sounds to patterns, all parts of the “things” that make up our home create the image we present to those entering our space. Another very important aspect is color! Color will create definition in any space including nature. Bold colors for example can draw the eye! Bright Spring colors often create a sensory reaction after the long dark monochromatic palette of winter. Rich Fall...

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