Author: Dave Cooper

A Place of Our Own

Recently I moved to a new home and the opportunity to go thru the life created and stored in the old home reminded me of what I always find to be the goal in my passion for design. As you head into Spring and the traditional cleaning that accompanies the season, a perfect chance unveils itself to bring great life moments into your home. EVERY HOME should reflect those who reside within. Many moments are captured and then stored sometimes unintentionally forever in boxes in the attic. These treasures are what make our HOME a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE....

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March Into Spring with Texture

If you haven’t done so already, NOW is the time to organize a good plan together for your OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE! Whether simple or complex, all successful plans will help you avoid mistakes, save you time, and maximize the function! In all cases, as we MARCH into Spring, the consideration of TEXTURE is important and the opportunities are endless! Let’s start with a simpler idea that is not only “easy on the eye” but perfect as an example of my favorite element in design… BALANCE! Consider the idea of letting nature add color based on plantings, overhead features (including...

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The Heart of it all!

The furniture is in place to function well and make a statement and balance the space with the wall color, window treatments, rugs, and case-goods. The style, colors, and patterns all speak to the people who reside in this home and let others know a little about who they are. Now it’s those finishing details that will truly personalize and define more clearly those who live in this wonderful, comfortable, home environment. One of the biggest trends for 2018 is the use of “COLLAGE”. Excited to see that trend is becoming more and more popular, we at COOPORRIS18 are...

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Be Inspired in 2018!

Exhausted from what seems to be the busiest time of the year, it’s been a challenge to find time to even consider the plans for the upcoming year. How will making your HOME a Great Place to Live fit in? As I continue to follow many of the colleagues in the field of Interior Design, I notice that while many common themes and ideas are in place for what we can expect in 2018, there are also distinguishing differences! Ours, basically a subjective path, also must follow some hard and fast rules to make sure our creativity plays out...

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6 Reasons to hire and interior Designer

6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer Many imagine the idea of having the assistance of an Interior Designer as a luxury that is limited to the wealthy but the truth is that many in today’s world are realizing that this decision is not only affordable but one of the smartest moves they make when working on a space or spaces in the home. Here are 6 of the most popular 1 If a survey of clients were polled by any designer, the number one response to the best reason for adding the Interior Designer is SAVING MONEY! Many of...

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White for the holidays! Or, is it?

It’s the time of year when we are hopefully ready to put to the test our work over the past several months! Renovations completed, updates made, and functional furnishings should be ready to welcome those who will be in our home over the next few weeks! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all are opportunities for us to show off the effort of the last year to make our HOME a Great Place to Live! And, while the primary goal should always be for the HOME to be the perfect space for those who live within on a daily...

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