June 2020

As COVID-19 continues, more and more everyday activities are going virtual. Worship services, business meetings, and classrooms are being conducted online. Even high school and college graduations are virtual or “drive-by”. Birthday parties and other special occasions are being held with the honorees waving from their front porches while friends and family cruise by with horns blaring and balloons everywhere. Hopefully, by the time Father’s Day rolls around, we will be able to celebrate more personally that we celebrated Mother’s Day!

The hugely popular Friday evening “Live on the Levee” concerts held at Haddad Riverfront Park have been cancelled for this year. As of now, the city is planning a 4th of July celebration. The details involving that event will be announced as time gets closer.

After 16 years of celebrating the artistic culture in town, FestivALL has cancelled all live concerts, exhibits, and other activities. It, too, will be going virtual. June 14-28, FestivALL will include at-home concerts by local musicians and other activities for everyone in the family. While the entire community mourns the cancellation of everything everywhere, there are a lot of ways to stay connected.

Capitol Market is full of gorgeous flowers, plenty of plants, and is a very welcome return to “kind of normal” for everyone who enjoys gardening or landscaping. Alexis Palmer, the Marketing and Events Coordinator for Capitol Market, explains the outdoor market is now fully occupied with their regular vendors. 14 businesses have set up shop under the roof of the outdoor area and are open for their normal business hours. At the time this was written, the 9 indoor vendors were still working toward opening in safe circumstances. Regular spring and summer activities like the cooking classes will be conducted in a different way.

Details of the classes are being worked out and decisions are being made with the most up-to-date and safest methods possible.

As frustrating and exhausting as the situation is, it is worth noting that COVID-19 is a global pandemic and everyone is having to cope with drastic changes in all aspects of life. Danny Jones, Charleston’s longest serving Mayor with four terms under his belt, has “retired” and opened the latest in a string of successful restaurants bearing his name and serving up his famous BBQ ribs and sandwiches. During a recent visit to grab a BBQ and Pepsi, Danny talked about the situation. He pointed out that the virus is no one’s fault. President George W. Bush predicted the probability of such a crisis during his term in office. It was inevitable that a virus would eventually sweep the globe and change life for all of us. It is likely a permanent change and we will learn how to work with it.

Genesis Running Group has helped thousands of people in the area get off the couch and run a 5-K by gathering weekly and offering praise and encouragement while coaching the runners through a regimen whose motto is “Easy Start, Strong Finish.” That seems to be good advice for all of us now. Take it easy when possible, wear your mask when in public, and be grateful for the simple activities like hikes, picnics, and drive-in movies!

As all of us make our way through this unforgettable summer, Charleston is a really cool place to have a stay-cation!
Stay safe!