6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Many imagine the idea of having the assistance of an Interior Designer as a luxury that is limited to the wealthy but the truth is that many in today’s world are realizing that this decision is not only affordable but one of the smartest moves they make when working on a space or spaces in the home. Here are 6 of the most popular

1 If a survey of clients were polled by any designer, the number one response to the best reason for adding the Interior Designer is SAVING MONEY! Many of the reasons to follow will relate back to this but the fact is that the many benefits, skills, and knowledge gained by having a professional set of eyes involved will do exactly that. Adding the appeal to create a home environment which increases the value of the home is one great example.

A professional assessment by an experienced and trained eye can help by SAVING TIME as well! Many tell us that they have visited the idea of working on a space but the process becomes so overwhelming that nothing ever gets done.  The work done by your designer will provide a plan which will make the priority list come to life. Also, the experience will help to navigate the process so you will not require the endless research and questioning needed when working out a home renovating or redecorating plan. Time is money! The designer will have the skill and experience to also think out of the box to make your dream space become a reality!

3 Budget and Planning are one more reason that adding a professional is a good idea. They have the resources and know the best way to get things done. Usually, these resources will save you money, time and frustration. The designer will become your LIAISON with vendors, contractors, and any of the many sources involved depending on the scale of your project! The relationships built by your designer with those who will be important to you are invaluable.

4 A good designer will begin the process of working with you by spending time in your home learning from you about many things. The good designer will also LISTEN and create a space that reflects your life in your home and the function of the space so that you will feel confident that you will AVOID MISTAKES! The money savings comes into play here as well for obvious reasons! Ever buy a sofa that didn’t fit into your home? That can be a disaster!

5 The benefit of having a plan is important as already stated and part of that plan should include a SPACE PLAN! The designer’s ability to show you how the space(s) will lay out is critical. They know all the rules and will make sure that you have enough seating, comfortable traffic flow, and the important balance of style, color, and scale to make the space serve the purpose and provide it’s WOW factor!

Finally, the good designer will likely become the project manager and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the process more by stressing over details less. The PASSION your designer should have in the work to make your HOME a Great Place to Live is perhaps the most important thing! The passionate designer will strive to ensure your result is perfect and makes not only you beyond happy but them as well! Pride in creating that wonderful and comfortable home environment is as important to the designer as it is to you! The designer’s goals will always be to exceed expectations! When we hear the excitement, watch the reaction, and feel the emotion that results from a great client experience, we know your work is done well! When the space provides balance and feels good, so is the life of those who will enjoy our work!