It’s the time of year when we are hopefully ready to put to the test our work over the past several months! Renovations completed, updates made, and functional furnishings should be ready to welcome those who will be in our home over the next few weeks! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all are opportunities for us to show off the effort of the last year to make our HOME a Great Place to Live! And, while the primary goal should always be for the HOME to be the perfect space for those who live within on a daily basis, the chance to make a statement to a larger crowd is always a chance to hear some positive feedback for our hard work!


White for the holidays! Or, is it?

Keep it simple this year and add holiday accents that not only reflect the personality of the home and it’s residents, but also tend to flow seamlessly from November until the beginning of 2018! We suggest picking a color theme for HOLIDAY 2017! We have chosen white as our example in this article but you should choose a color that is meaningful to you!

Start with the entrance to your home. This may require consideration of the color theme in conjunction to the main entrance door. Accent the area that makes the first impression with natural elements and we always suggest more sophisticated elements unless the theme is based on children.

Next to be seen by most visitors will be the Living Room or the Great Room!

A consistent theme of color (and style) will create a welcoming atmosphere that will quickly encourage guests to feel “at HOME”!

Follow next to the Dining Room where simple additions to the table top décor and perhaps chair slip coverings will add an updated and comfortable setting!

The baths are also important in the attempt to create a balanced setting! Adding a wreath, fresh white towels and elegant accessories will be all you need! Don’t forget that there are times when that second bath are required!

The bedroom is a space where many miss the mark. Times may call for the most accessible bedroom to become a landing place for coats, purses, and other belongings as coat closets quickly fill. Make sure to have this space and any other bedrooms appointed to continue the theme!

One space you must not forget is the Nursery! If there is a little one in the home, we all know that the visiting crowd will likely see that space as well. Simple additions here (as well) will be all that is needed!

Finally, take the opportunity to dress areas such as staircases and table tops to complete the look!

In our case, it might just be a white Holiday whether it snows or not!