You might have any number of reasons to move, store, or relocate some items. You are moving to a new home. Your home or office is being remodeled. You need safe storage for tools at a jobsite. Your realtor suggested you remove some items in order to stage your home before putting it on the market. You own a retail business that requires extra inventory storage during peak seasons. You close on the house you are selling, but haven’t closed on the house you are purchasing.      

    Whether you are storing furniture, tools, or inventory, the clear and simple solution is a Go-Mini’s of Charleston container. It couldn’t be easier. You call, and they deliver at a time convenient to you. There is no tiny window of time that truck rental companies impose. Go Mini’s allow you to pack at your own pace. When you are ready, your Go Mini’s container is picked up and moved for you.

    There are numerous compelling reasons to use Go Mini’s containers.

Go Mini’s sit only 8 inches off the ground. No narrow, steep ramps to navigate, just a small step up.

The interiors have smooth, powder-coated steel walls and support beams, not rough wood that can splinter and draw moisture. Or worse, absorb and hold odors from a previous users items. The unit are vented so items stored over a long period of time will not mold or mildew.

More tie down points than any competitor allow for securing multiple items. Sturdy wall rails easily support hanging clothing.

  Select the size best suited to your needs. They are available in 12, 16, or 20 feet long units. At 8 feet high, there is ample head room for easier loading. Go Mini’s has the only portable storage container that is available in a 20 foot size.

    While Go Mini’s is not the only portable storage container company, they are the preferred choice for several reasons. Multiple size choices, superior construction, ease of use, and flexibility to suit your needs added to unmatched customer service equals a winning scenario.

     One of the most frequent users of Go Mini’s are people needing fast, temporary storage for their household goods and furniture between closing on an old house and gaining ownership of the new one. While it might be easy for the owners to stay in a hotel, or with friends and relatives, it’s not so easy to relocate several rooms of belongings for a few days or weeks. Why have the hassle of packing your home, loading a moving truck, and unloading everything into a storage facility. Then a short time later, reversing the process by unpacking the storage unit into a moving truck, driving to your new home and unloading everything yet again. Your Go Mini’s container can be loaded and stored at their secure storage locations until you are ready to move in.

    Commercial clients find Go Mini’s to be a perfect solution to storage needs. Retail stores require space to store large amounts of inventory during holiday and other high volume buying seasons. Additional uses include the ability to buy supplies in bulk for reduced rates, storing promotional items, off season displays, outdoor furniture, or even records storage.  A secure Go Mini container ensures the business owner their products are safe, dry, and nearby.

    Contractors can easily guard against job-site theft of tools and other valuable items. Additionally, renovation project completion time can be shortened by alleviating the need to remove and return tools, materials, and supplies to and from the jobsite each day.   

    With no long-term commitment requirement, Go Mini’s are a perfect fit. Go Mini’s of Charleston serves a large geographic area, encompassing areas of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia in a two hour radius from Charleston. Local owners Bill Sturgeon and Mark Saber have proudly served the area with the unmatched service, convenience, and simplicity of Go Mini’s for over ten years.

To discuss your needs and obtain a rate quote,
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What could be easier?