Great design often is a success when the more obvious elements are in place. Well balanced colors, styles, and layouts are a MUST in every situation. But to make the home a Great Place to Live, consideration of function and needs of the residents is just as important!

Let’s take a look at a challenge recently taken by Cooporris18 when they were offered the opportunity to redeem a sadly cared for house in Huntington, WV. 

There were obvious elements that had to be in place such as colors, seating requirements, and accents to bring to life the new home for Alpha Chi Omega as they made the decision to move into a home that needed a LOT of TLC in a short period of time. The challenging part of getting this done on an important deadline was one factor but creating an inviting, stylish, and comfortable setting for a variety of people who would share the space was also critical in the plan.

Using the AXO colors was a “no-brainer” and that was one of the immediate elements determined in the design of the home. Our challenge was to use this successfully and tastefully in the first-floor common areas as well as in the third-floor multi-purpose space. You will notice our balanced color scheme in shades of olive and scarlet in all areas.

The home is dated in the early 1900’s and with that in mind we knew we needed to combine style elements that respected the period and integrity of the structure while also offering a welcoming, comfortable, and up-to-date style.

Traffic flow was an obvious factor while following the needs of seating in all areas. Opening the wall between the foyer and the living room so that the original opening was restored allowed for ample seating by creating a feeling of one larger space. The use of matching sofas and chairs in each space also pulls the rooms together. Matching rugs also do this while defining the spaces as well!

The main dining room needed to accommodate 10 so finding a table that met the needs of seating and updated style was the challenge in this space. Adding a chandelier and server that stepped up the look was needed to once again offer a nod to the period of the home.

The third floor offers ample space to meet, study, and enjoy social events. You will notice the same theme is carried out in this space as well.

Finally, the use of accents to reflect on the house colors and name pull the concept together with perfection! Listening to the needs and requirements, understanding the way the space will function, and designing a space that respects the house as well as those who will reside within is the whole idea! This home will be a Great Place to Live!