As we all become acclimated to the heat of summer and the peak we usually reach in AUGUST, one can only find cool ways to make the inside retreat from the sun a most exhilarating experience. HOT DESIGN PRINCIPLES are a must no matter what time of year and now is a good time to review!

While the art of Interior Design is generally considered to be a subjective concept, there are certain written and unwritten rules that must always be considered.

To begin, a good understanding of what INTERIOR DESIGN actual is should be clear. I like the way it’s stated by a colleague!

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. Not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration.” – Mihai

One of the principles I talk about most is BALANCE. While it becomes a summary of many of the other important principles that should be considered in great design, that “It Feels Good” response, tells the story. I am often known to say “If it feels good, we have done our job well!” Notice how the colors and floral theme in this example are able to create that perfect BALANCE!

Another consideration is most often the FOCAL POINT. This is usually a permanent fixture in the room such as a fireplace but on occasion the FOCAL POINT must be created. The focal point should direct the eye and draw you into the space. You can see easily that the stone fireplace creates the obvious point of interest and the space design ultimately will work with that feature.

In the next example you can see that the red leather sofa has been used to create a FOCAL POINT and draw the eye (and you) into the space!

The principle of REPETITION  is always a great idea for creating the sense of great design in any space. Larger spaces more easily allow for successful use of REPETITION but this can also be achieved well in small spaces. REPETITION is considered to be the use of the same element throughout to create that feeling of BALANCE. This might be done by using the same style of case goods throughout the space so the traditional senses are at ease.

Often you will see the end tables, coffee tables, and even the entertainment / media centers all come from the same collection to create the principle of REPETITION. More often you will see REPETITION successfully created using a common color theme of like textures at different points throughout the space.

TRANSITION is  ability to control and create a sense of flow in a space. These last pics will help you see how this large space achieves all the “needs” and defines each area while also demonstrating a feeling that the entire space belongs together. Traffic flow is structured, a hidden sleeper is added in one of the two conversation areas as requested by client, and the continuity of style using updated traditional elements with mid-century and modern pieces create a great sense of interest. This is the goal! We want you to come in and find your space to be interesting, comfortable, and inviting!

All of these principles (and there are more) will help make your HOME a Great Place to Live!