Bailes Granite and Marble

Plenty of companies might boast they are ‘locally owned and operated.’ But few companies can add ‘for over 60 years,’ and only a scant few can say ‘by 4 generations’ of the same family. Well, five generations if you count the up and coming, nearly-teen son of the fourth generation to run Bailes Granite and Marble. Located in the same 4th Avenue spot as the original store, then called Bailes Glass, the current focus has turned primarily to granite and other natural stones.

Since 1955, Bailes Granite and Marble has provided stellar products and service to families and businesses of the Kanawha Valley and beyond. Originally selling glass for every need, Bailes merged into the granite and natural stone market as an extension of their glass product line. As the granite and stone demand increased, the room to keep and show both glass and granite products outgrew its bounds. The glass product line was eventually dropped as they turned their full focus on granite, marble and other natural stones in 2004.

Today, it is impossible to watch any real estate or home improvement show without being fully aware that no new home or remodeled home is complete without natural stone kitchen and bath counters. Walls finished in natural stone also command the spotlight as dramatic accent walls, backsplashes, and tub or shower walls. Formica and ceramic tile take a backseat to natural stone surfaces.

No longer confined to just the kitchen, natural stones enhance many other areas of the home. Outdoor kitchens, fireplace hearths, home beverage stations and coffee bars, and vanities are all perfect for stone treatments. The color selections range from black to white and nearly every color in between. A relative newcomer to the family of colors, is Blue Bahia. A rich, vibrant, variegated blue granite, this addition is breathtaking.

Aside from granite and marble, Bailes carries soapstone, limestone, and travertine. Soapstone has a matte finish, and a rustic, distressed appearance. This is a popular choice for those who don’t care for the high polished look of granite and marble. Quite durable, soapstone changes color gradually over time from light grey to a dark grey/green shade.

Limestone, another matte finish, is an excellent choice for bathrooms or areas other than kitchen countertops, as it is a softer stone and reactive to acidic solutions. A fan of the worn leather look? Limestone is the natural choice for you.

Travertine, ranging from grey to coral-red shades, is in the limestone family. Again, a softer stone, it is a better choice for vanities and display surfaces.

If the natural crystal variations of natural stone are not appealing to you, quartz is the perfect alternative. Quartz is an engineered, man-made stone comprised of granite chips and epoxy resin. Extremely durable, it is an excellent choice with even colorations for kitchen and bath counters.

Bailes Granite and Marble offers the unique ability for the customer to select the exact piece of stone they like. The customer also has the ability to work with the expert staff at Bailes in placing the template of their piece of stone precisely to showcase the best attributes and one of a kind striations. Unlike their out-of-state competitors, Bailes has hundreds of pieces of stone to choose from on their back lot. The customer can see and feel their selection, rather than relying on a photo or tiny sample.

Whether in stock, or special ordered, Bailes Granite and Marble products are typically installed in just a couple of weeks or less. Crews with years of experience provide professional on-site installation. In keeping with their desire to add value to their community, Bailes Granite and Marble employ apprentice workers from local cabinetry program students. Learning from the masters of the stone crafts ensure Bailes has up and coming generations of skilled craftpersons.

To witness the beauty and durability of nature stones, visit Bailes Granite & Marble at 1537 Fourth Avene on Charleston’s west side.  Look them up online at, or call 304-345-8750.