A great definition of who we are and how we live is reflected in the home environment.

There are many factors that show our lives in terms of “HOME”. From design style to textures, from sounds to patterns, all parts of the “things” that make up our home create the image we present to those entering our space. Another very important aspect is color!

Color will create definition in any space including nature. Bold colors for example can draw the eye! Bright Spring colors often create a sensory reaction after the long dark monochromatic palette of winter. Rich Fall color revive that sense of coziness we linger for after the usual heat of summer.

Let’s consider three colors which are ever-present this time of year!

RED is one of those bold colors that demand immediate attention. If you want to cause the eye to be drawn to a certain point in a room, add a touch of red! If you want to make a strong statement of style and a reaction from the space, use a red palette. Red is not one of those comforting colors but is more apt to create strong reaction.

What do anger, Valentines, power ties, and warning lights have in common? Red. – Jacci Howard Bear

Use Red with caution and a good understanding of the desired result. Keep in mind also that there is a complete range of reds to consider. Softer Reds such as Pink are much more comforting than the Brilliant Red that might draw attention to your car!

WHITE is considered the Clean element! Sometimes coming across as sterile and often as fresh, white seems to be one of those palettes that create sensory reactions of “WOW” or fear (to enter a space)!

White is easily used to create a sense of balance in any design and can also provide a perfect background for any pops of color. Your favorite piece of wall art is always going to be noticed when hanging on a white wall! Think about the galleries you have visited!

In summer, white offers that clean fresh feeling that allows us to relax & take that long desired nap!

White makes old things seem more current. Of course, there’s more to it than that: White rooms are more complex than they appear because there are no distractions.Michael Luppino

And, BLUE!

Considered by many to be one of those cool colors, blue creates that sense of peace and comfort in a fresh inviting form! Again, as with red the range of blues are important to note. Brilliant blue is going to require much more attention from the “eye” than those softer pale blues that are more relaxed. It is very possible to over-use blue resulting in a more gloomy environment. Deeper blue creates that sense of mystery and depth that is sometimes important in a space as well! And as with any color, color reflect who we are!

Personality traits play a major role in the colors we choose to wear and decorate with.  Ryan Reed

So next time you think about painting a room, or adding a piece of art, or replacing that sofa, take the time to reflect on the style, pattern, and textures that may be involved. Oh… and don’t forget to consider the impact of color as well! Have a great summer!