Great Ways to Make Your OUTDOOR SPACE a Great Place to Live!

It’s that time of year when we all look forward to comfortable temperatures and relaxing spaces to spend our evenings and time with friends. Well-developed plans for the extension of the home is the success of a well concepted plan.

Here  are 5 tips that will make a difference!

1 Connect the outdoor space to the adjacent indoor room. When you want to create that smooth transition, it is always a good move to consider the starting point. That is the space you are coming from inside the home as you enter the outdoor space. Style, Color, and Function are all connected to that indoor partner. Often our outdoor space is connected to the kitchen so considering a dining space for the initial experience as you head into the outdoor space might be a good idea.

2Next, when the opportunity allows extend comfortable seating that is a perfect complement to that inside the home. A breeze flowing through doors pulled back create a sense of air that is most often relaxing. These complements can be created by using wood tones that marry well with those pieces inside. Or, using similar styles outdoors in colors and patterns that reflect the indoor experience.

3Find a great and hopefully dramatic focal point. Often the use of an outdoor TV viewing space in the plan will draw the crowd into the space. More often, the use of interesting water features or an interesting fire table will make you “want” to be in the space!

4Create multiple groupings to make the space more interesting! A dining area, a covered space, a conversation point, and perhaps that area by the pool. Just as when inside the home, nobody wants to feel trapped in a room where there is only one way out. And, having options to allow for more comfortable conversation is always a plus!

5Finally, pick a theme or color to create a cohesive blend to the equation. For example, the use of a color punch throughout the environment in toss pillows, planters, and flowers will make the space feel wonderful and RIGHT. The use of a consistent style in all areas will quickly do the same!

Clearly there are many opportunities to create additional square footage that may make the home on the market more attractive or the amount of space in your home greater in a comfortable way.

Many of these ideas are affordable and easy to achieve!

As we always say at COOPORRIS18, “Make you HOME a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE!” Have a great summer!