I often say that our Goal at COOPORRIS18 is to create an environment that “feels good”. If it feels good, then our job is welne!

Recently, one of the Designers on our Team introduced me and the others to a Danish concept known as HYGEE (hue-guh). This Danish concept basically comes down to a feeling of coziness. Or my idea of making your home a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE.

Let’s break it down into 5 categories that you might want to consider for your own space!

One of the first things that comes to mind in developing a plan to create a comfortable home environment is the use of great seating. Comfortable seating makes you “want” to be in the space.

So many options are now available in seating cores that you may now not only find the seating that works best for your situation but creates a comfortable space! Check it out!

Now let’s consider color and its impact on HYGEE!

While stronger colors and shades of color are known to be used to catch attention and “draw the eye”, the use of softer tones can easily impact a space. The BALANCE of color is also critical in creating a room that feels good. Furthermore, the use of softer palettes does NOT mean a room full of neutrals. Color is usually an important aspect of the comfort zone! Think of it this way! Try thinking about the colors you find at a restaurant where they are motivating you to get in and then get out! They want to turn tables to create business! Conversely, in your home you will typically want people to feel welcome and stay a while! Softer colors tend to let us breathe. In the middle of the space or in a strategic spot you may add a touch of color in the form of a piece of art or a vase of flowers. These also create that HYGEE feeling!

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical rooms are easily defined in the world of HYGEE! It is well considered a more formal setting that Symmetrical designs create a more formal look and a feeling that corresponds. Hence, the use of Asymmetrical and more eclectic designs tends to “feel” more comfortable. Creating balance in a room where the “mirror image” of symmetry is NOT on the table can be a most interesting challenge. Keep in mind that we are striving for the cozy feeling and then it should all begin to fall in place! You will also find that textures in the materials used in the space will also impact HYGEE. Softer hands in fabrics, less formal finishes and styles, softer elements in flooring … all play a part!

The LAYOUT is another important part of getting the sense of comfort (HYGEE) that we all seek in our home. Easy access in and out of the space is always a winner. I love the idea of what I call “circular motion” in space plans. Nobody wants to get trapped in a space. There becomes a feeling of claustrophobia that never blends well in the comfort zone. Think about the traffic zones, placement of pieces, and all aspects that make the room move well.

Finally, the use of smell and sound easily impact the cozy comfortable feeling that the HYGEE-ians seek. Use of candles and great fragrances from the kitchen are the obvious. In the background, the sound of a noisy television or the sounds of easy-listening music… which do you think would fit the equation?
So next time you hear the word “HYGEE” instead of saying “Bless You” the word will tell you that a pleasant experience is about to occur!
Make your home a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE! HYGEE!