Mr. Handyman

    Mr. Handyman of the Kanawha Valley is locally owned and operated, springing from an international company of franchises offering an enormous range of services locally. One look at their website ( will have you thinking of repairs, improvements and services you might not be able or willing to tackle yourself. For example, they can install basketball backboard poles, assemble your Ikea furniture purchase, clean your dryer vent, and install a pet door. They can also assist in your spring cleaning and renewal projects, such as painting, hanging blinds, cleaning gutters, and installing a new kitchen backsplash.

    But lest you think their specialty is the small job or two you need done, let’s broaden your perspective. Mr. Handyman is your go-to source for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. These two areas of any home are the highest value-added return on your home improvement investment. Backed by years of experience, the Mr. Handyman skilled technicians work with homeowners to update the kitchen or bath from ‘aging retro’ to an aesthetically pleasing, functional, modern room.

    With certifications in high performance homes, owner Greg Paxton and his crew are experts in saving you money by improving your home’s energy rating. Simply having inches and inches of insulation stacked in your attic does not automatically insure adequate protection from air exchange. Proper insulation installation ensures maximum air sealing, thus increasing the energy rating and lowering heating and cooling costs.

    Cornering a niche market, Mr. Handyman specializes in adapting homes to enable what they call ‘aging in place.’ The aging population vastly prefers staying in their own homes, as opposed to moving in with family, or to elderly housing options. An AARP survey of people fifty and older found that 88% said it was extremely important to have services that allowed them to ‘age in place.’

    So what does that mean in terms of their home? Most people first think of the bathrooms, where Mr. Handyman can install grab bars, raise toilet seats, and install new shower heads with hand held attachments for showering safely seated on a tub stool or bench. But throughout the rest of the home, they can install guard and hand rails, widen doorways to accommodate ambulatory devices or wheelchairs, and enhance lighting fixtures for better clarity of vision. They can also replace cabinet and door handles for ease of use for people with issues of arthritis or neuropathy. Additionally, light switches and electrical plugs can be moved for greater ease of use and accessibility.

    Perhaps you lean toward being a DIYer, or do it yourself-er. But can you really DIY? Consult with Mr. Handyman, who can discuss the mechanics of the project you have in mind. Once you are educated about the needs of the project, you can make an informed decision whether to do it yourself, or if you would be better served to leave it to a professional.

    In an age where home improvements, DIY, remodeling, rehabbing homes and real estate buying and selling are forefront in a myriad of television shows, magazines, reality shows, and box store advertisements, knowledge is your most powerful tool. ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ is the old saying that is never more apt than today.  Greg Paxton, local Mr. Handyman owner, is available to visit with your group, organization, senior center, or even homeowners association meetings to discuss their services, including the aging in place home enhancements.

    Mr. Handyman of the Kanawha Valley has a high repeat customer rate. Reading their customer comments on their website is the best reference.  From deck assembly to bicycle assembly, and from attic fan to ceiling fan installation, Mr. Handyman is able to make your life easier. Turn to the experts. After all, everyone can use a Mr. Handyman from time to time, right?

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