March 201 Tips & Tricks

Tips for choosing the right Replacement Windows

Words can’t describe enjoying a gorgeous view out your window or letting the natural sunlight shine through. Whether you think about it or not your windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and they help you connect with your exterior home for safety and security. If you are considering changing out your current windows or are designing your next home – look at these useful tips for choosing the right exterior window style for your home.

  1. Choose windows that reflect your home’s architectural style, character lifestyle (modern, contemporary, traditional, country, etc.)
  2. Decide what purpose your windows will serve- to let in light, provide a pleasing view or let in a spring breeze. Will they be double hung, sliding, or crank out (casement)?
  3. Colorful window exterior frames – you may opt for colored frames that will lend color and curb appeal to the exterior of your home.
  4. While; choosing the best accent colors for your interior window frames
  5. Selecting the right window for the amount of ventilation needed – Half screens vs. Full screens remembering one of the most essential purposes top let in ventilation.
  6. Different type of window accessories such as standard grids, contoured grids, pencil grids, prairie grids, rain glass, or obscure glass –

While your first instinct for remodeling may turn to your kitchen, bathroom, or front yard, don’t forget about replacing old windows. With federal energy efficiency mandates there has been a rapid push to install energy efficient windows. To save on energy cost, reduce drafts, and reduce exterior noise.  So don’t overlook replacing windows as an essential renovation project for your home. Call us today, Windows for Less, at Building & Remodeling Warehouse for a free estimate, and let us get creative in making your windows great again.