When it comes down to it, much debate may be made over the importance of many of the “loves” in our lives. There is, however, one common “love” that we hopefully all share.

    The love of home is absolutely vital in impacting our start of the day, our attitude toward the world, and our ability to find comfort & safety in a familiar environment. Let’s consider how three areas of the home might create a perfect match for the residents.

    The Heart of every home is the place where most time is spent. Usually, this is a place where family and friends gather and life happens! For most of us this space would be the family room or the kitchen. Or at best, a combination in the very popular great room.

    If you think about, almost every gathering of the family or friends will ultimately end up in the kitchen.

    Making this space functional yet comfortable and receptive to these conditions is the ultimate in design of the space. Planning for the usual situation like cooking and prep is obvious but understanding the needs of the client makes for a “WIN” as the result will also include appropriate amount of seating and great flow of traffic. Ease of movement and the offer of comfortable seating creates the perfect situation.

    Another space that operates as the crowd pleaser is the family room. For obvious reasons, the family room will allow for more people to be in proximity while enjoying common interests such as the ball game on the big screen or the latest and greatest family game!

    While the function of the family room is different there are still common themes that should apply. Ample and available comfortable seating that lends itself to a welcoming environment is key. Interesting pieces and great details that are also inviting make this an easy place to be and an easy room to love.

    And the ever-popular great room combining the features of a wonderful kitchen with the living features and benefits of the family room. Talk about love! The best of both worlds is enamored in this concept. Comfortable seating and activities abound in the shared space with the kitchen. The most used space in the home! Truly the heart of it all! And don’t forget the romance of a great fireplace!

    Finally, a great place to consider is the master suite or bedroom. The escape from the world (or the oasis), we should love being in our personal space. Effected by comfortable furnishings and surroundings that are pleasing to the senses, we should find this space to the one where we “run to hide”! Start with the most comfortable bed to take all your cares away. Then add a cozy chair to curl up and read a book! Another romantic retreat from the world, this is truly the place that is YOUR OWN!

    Additional considerations that make your house a HOME to LOVE include styles, colors, and spaces that make you smile whenever you’re there!

Truly HOME… is the HEART of It All!