If you were brought up the way I was brought up, you would agree that trying to do business with whom you have a relationship is a priority . . . so let me introduce myself.  My name is Duke Jordan, son of Naomi and DuBois Jordan.  Having been raised by a father, who was born in 1916, simply meant all of us came up the old way.

That old way included respecting any and everyone who was older than you.  Raising your voice and talking back to any parent or teacher was punishable by death.  As far as all of these agencies and contract law, your word was your bond.  I could continue, but it would take too much time to compare the yesterdays to the present.

So through it all, who am I?  I am the same man that served four years for his Country as a Marine.  I am the same man who served the citizens of Charleston, night and day, for twenty-three years.  I am the same man who worked as a Homeland Response Force Scenario Planner.  I am now the man who will work day and night for you and your business until I complete the job.

Duke goes above and beyond what is needed. I have never seen a real estate agent go this far beyond expectation to make sure that my company was satisfied, makes me happy to be in West Virgina!

Terry Barnard, PH.D. Dallas, TX

I am asking you to allow me to help you on your next commercial real estate sale or purchase.  I can assist you in finding space to lease or industrial and commercial to purchase. Give me a call and I’ll earn the rest. I would like to have your business.

Thank you.