Usually when I write an article, it’s Real Estate related, or some type of positive post. However, as we go into a New Year, I’m going to default to my Marine Corp, Police, and Terrorist Scenario Planning background.  I think it hits home when it is coming from someone from West Virginia.

Our freedom and way of life is under attack.  I also hope you don’t believe the attackers care about whether or not you’re white or black, republican or democrat.  Yes, we as a Nation have, and will always have some issues to address, but we have to continue to address them together through peaceful communications.  Love and understanding is our most powerful weapon against homegrown racial divides.

However, the folks about whom I speak are those whom are wanting to conduct acts resulting in mass casualties on American soil.  Our Christmases to come can only be merry if all citizens say something when seeing something.  You, the American citizen are the eyes and ears of law enforcement and anti-terrorist agencies.  We all have to do our part in being more observant in public places.

When something does occur, make sure you have your reaction plan in place.  Employers talk to your employees, parents to your children, and schools to your students and faculty.  Don’t just talk about it.  Run a drill on different types of scenarios.  It could be active shooter, bombing, or the most recent large truck trying to strike large crowds.  These scenarios should be ran, just as you tell your children how to react to a stranger physically grabbing them and taking them away.  I hope I just made some of you think about the conversations you’ve had on these very real life scenarios that could happen to you or your loved ones.  Be ready.

I know this is the Christmas Season and we all should be thinking about our gifts, loved ones, and that New Year resolution. Unfortunately, we have to remain aware of our surroundings and know there are those whom are looking for that opportunity to cause maximum casualties.

Just don’t be that person who says, “I never thought this could happen here.”  Be ready mentally and physically to react to anything, anyplace, at anytime.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and wishing each of you a safe and prosperous 2017.

United We Stand

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