Exciting times ahead as we power toward 2017, there are certainly going to be great opportunities to find innovative and inspiring ways to freshen that stale design from the last year (or longer)!

Assuming we have chosen great “bones” for the more permanent aspects of our home design, we can easily and affordably create the more current ideas and keep our home interesting! The ideas might include changes as simple as wall color (or paper) to new arrangements of our layout to shake “IT” up a bit!

Let’s start with the walls! A big trend moving slowly (as it always does) to our region, is wall paper. Many are finding great new textures patterns and evening elements such as glass involved in today’s coverings! The clarity of pattern from current technology and makes the use of multiple color a hit! The ideas of tying in texture to wall coverings is always fresh!

Not into the “paper thing” yet? What would a change of color via paint do to start out the NEW YEAR with a new attitude?

Another great opportunity and one I think is particularly important is the use of hand-made or artisan pieces in the home. Collected pieces from adventures over the years should be brought into the forefront and used to create new interest in any room! These pieces are the stories that will continue to help make that house YOUR HOME!

So, if you’ve been out west and brought back a great piece that reminds you of a good day, it needs to come down from the attic! It’s funny how many times I have had conversation with clients and encourage them to use art that is important to them. Almost every time I find a piece behind the bedroom door that instantly evokes a smile and a memory of a special place and time.

Next, we should see more historical elements added into room scenes. More exposed wood and brick that are part of the “story” of the home will provide great textures and interest! Reminds me of a time when we covered up great wood floors with carpet. When we now pull back this dated feature, the surprise underneath is often a useable wood finished jewel that tells the original story of the home!

The OPEN SPACE trend has seen its peak and a return to more defined spaces is a trend that has been creeping our direction from the west coast! To eliminate issues of acoustics and evening smells of cooking, more interest in assigned space is the answer. While the likely answer will result in larger and combined spaces that might include a living area tied to the kitchen, you will see an end to the idea that the entire space should be visible from any vantage.

Of course, proper use of sound absorbent features will help with the sound issues in existing open spaces!

Today’s rugs are also a trend that will create fresh excitement! Colors, patterns, and textures are at their best!

Color trends for 2017 focus on three things! Pantone color of the year GREENERY is a great lead into pops that will encourage great attitude during the winter months. Focal point color will easily direct interest to different areas of the space by introducing new colors or moving existing color! The continuation of neutrals to create a sense of color will also be a big part of 2017.

The most important trend in 2017 will be to make your house a great place to live. Functional, comfortable and pleasant surroundings are becoming more important than ever! Here’s to a great home in 2017!